Are you ready for your Soul Progression?

Soul Progression is born of Portland’s unbound music scene, and hangs on the tongues of those charmed by its provocative sound at eminent Portland venues. The band is composed of five “Soulies” who lay down musical fusions of soul, pop, blues, acoustic and funk: K’lyn Bain (Lead Vocalist), Brian “B.B.” Bays (Lead Guitar & Vocalist), Dave Kelsay (Drums), Timothy James Hornickel (Bass) with guest appearances by James Lawrence (Saxophone).

In addition to cultivating the labyrinth of Portland stages, Soul Progression - true to its name - has appeared to raise money at multiple Cancer Foundation and other benefit shows. Its first radio exposure on Portland’s KBOO has spawned pursuit with the Willamette Week, Portland Tribune, multiple local web publications and radio spotlights.

Soul Progression is baring its essence and soulful acoustics after recording with Rola Studios and Mountain Air Studios. Spring of 2017 brings the promotion of Soul Progression’s self-titled album! Visit Soul Progression’s web page for info on all of 2017’s events…“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.” Anne Sexton